Views from Maui Nui

One of the neat things about visiting Maui Nui, that includes the islands of Maui, Lanai and Molokai, is that you can easily see these  islands from each other. At their nearest points, the islands are only separated by about 10 miles of beautiful blue ocean.

I always find the views of the other islands to be intriguing. Seeing Lanai and Molokai from Maui ultimately resulted in visiting them too – almost purely out of curiosity.

I wanted to share photos from our collection that include views from Maui Nui. First, one of the most striking views from Maui is of the towering mountains of eastern Molokai. This photo was taken in Kapalua at the Plantation Golf Course.

View of East Molokai Mountains from Kapalua

Here’s another partial view of Molokai from Maui at sunset.

Maui Sunset

Molokai is more prominently visible from West Maui, while Lanai is visible from almost anywhere along South and West Maui. Here’s a view of Lanai from Kaanapali Beach on Maui.

view of Lanai from Maui at Kaanapali Beach

From a super fun UTV tour along Lanai’s Munro Trail, we got to see both Molokai and Maui as well as the uninhabited island of Kahoolawe. Here’s a view of Molokai behind the Maunalei Gulch.

Maunalei Gulch

Creating your own off-road jeep tour of Lanai leads to outstanding views Molokai from Keahiakawelo (Garden of the Gods) and Polihua Beach.

Keahiakawelo, the garden of the gods

Further down the dirt road from Keahiakawelo, you’ll find the deserted Polihua Beach that also provides a great view of Molokai.

 Polihua Beach

From a whale watching catamaran cruise off Lanai, we caught nice views of Maui.


I have many more photos I can share, but I think by now, you’ve got the picture, so to speak.

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