2nd Annual Lanai Ukulele Festival – Day 2 Recap

Ukulele falsetto legend Richard Ho`opi`i performs in the Great Hall

Today’s events started early with 9am ukulele performances on the lanai at Coffee Works in Lanai City. It was a great start to this sunny morning.

From Lanai City, the events moved onto the Four Seasons Lanai Lodge at Koele, where we had a fantastic Hawaiian language lesson taught by the brilliant instructor, Kaliko Beamer-Trapp. After learning pronunciation and basic sentence structure, we wrote a song in Hawaiian. Then, after learning some ukulele cords, the group played and sang this new song. So, in an hours time we went from learning the Hawaiian language to performing a brand new ukulele song in Hawaiian.

In the afternoon, the main concert began with four hours of ukulele masters playing in the beautiful Great Hall of the Lodge at Koele. The crowd shouted “hana hou” (encore or one more song) many times today.

As you will see from the following short video, the variety of artists was excellent – from kids to “uncles and aunties”. The styles of music varied, too – from classic Hawaiian tunes to jazz and rock. (Ken Burgmaier of Hawaii On TV has done a great job organizing the event.) Today’s performances proved how versatile the ukulele is.

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photo (1)
More than 40 Kalama School children perform in the Great Hall

We hope you are enjoying this brief coverage of the 2nd Annual Lanai Ukulele Festival. There’s one more day to go.

  1. Wow, fantastic! I have not yet been to Lanai, hopefully it will be on this years agenda. We have a week booked for Maui and 1 week left to plan for. I would love to stay at the Four Seasons, but not sure we can squeeze the funds out for it. I would have loved to see the ukulele festival, what fun! Do you know of any events in mid october?

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