Take a quick flight from Maui to Lanai on Mokulele [video]

Lanai’s past of being a pineapple plantation is still evident in these fields.

In February, we took our first Mokulele flight from Maui to Lanai. It was a short flight — no longer than 20 minutes. Though brief, the flight was very scenic.

Mokulele has quickly become one of our preferred inter-island airlines along with Hawaiian Airlines. Their flights are quick and hassle-free.

Due to Mokulele’s small-sized aircraft (9 passenger plane) leading to less FAA restrictions, passengers are allowed to use electronic devises throughout the flight. The only restriction is that you can’t transmit any data or make calls while in flight.

Andy recorded the highlights of this scenic flight from Maui to Lanai with views of both islands from the air.

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Oh, how we long to be on that flight today!

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