Lava at Pu’u O’o Crater Runneth Over


USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory reports that Pu’u O’o has recently been “bursting at its seams” with lava within the crater. The above USGS image shows how the lava has been overflowing the previously oval-shaped crater walls.

If you are headed to Hawaii’s Big Island and would like to see lava activity, at the moment, the best and safest way to see volcanic activity is:

-  Take a helicopter tour over the lava activity.

-  Observe visibly active Halemaumau Crater within the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

Lava activity is subject to change, so use the resources listed in this article: How to Find What’s Going On with the Lava on Hawaii’s Big Island.

  1. Its the floor around the perched lava lake that’s cracking from the constant uplifting pressure. Lava didn’t really overflow out of Puu Oo. It basically slightly flowed out of the Puka Nui gap. 2 giant gaps in the old cone are slowly becoming one. ck out my blog for the latest info and pics from that area.

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