Aloha Friday Photo: “WWII: The Alpha & the Omega”


Today’s Aloha Friday Photo was submitted by Marvin from Indianapolis, Indiana. Marvin sent this photo after reading our Hawaii Five-0 myths post on Monday, followed by watching Monday’s episode featuring the Mighty Mo (Battleship Missouri) in Pearl Harbor. He took this photo of Mighty Mo from the USS Arizona Memorial during one of his island visits from the heartland.

Marvin suggested this Aloha Friday photo title of “WWII:  The Alpha and the Omega”. In case you aren’t familiar with those title references, I’ll try to explain as best I can. The bombing of Pearl Harbor and the loss of the USS Arizona and many of its men on December 7, 1941 was the impetus for the USA to fully engage in WW II — that’s the alpha reference. The Battleship Missouri represents the omega, because the ship hosted Japan’s official surrender to the USA–marking the end of World War II.

Even though Marvin has already visited these historic sites in Pearl Harbor, he and his wife, Nancy, plan to revisit them when they return to Oahu this winter. Like Marvin and his wife, Andy and I have been drawn to the history of Pearl Harbor with repeated visits. (If you are interested in Pearl Harbor, you might want to review my posts for seeing Mighty Mo and the USS Arizona Memorial.)

Mahalo to Marvin for submitting this photo that’s very timely in that Veterans Day, November 11th, is quickly approaching. Let’s be reminded to honor the service and sacrifices of our veterans.

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  1. I love your posts. I am trying to save my money to visit again sometime soon. I am a direct descendant of Paul Hamilton, first secretary of the Navy and i wonder if i can get a tour of the USS Paul Hamilton when i come.

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