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image I wanted to let all our nice readers know that  on our Go Visit Hawaii facebook page, we have a fun little giveaway. I’ve asked our facebook friends to tell us what they love about Hawaii’s beaches and if they have a favorite beach. I can’t wait to hear the responses!

Facebook friends have until Monday, November 8th to comment. I’ll randomly select one comment from facebook to win this attractive insulated hot and cold reusable bag with Hawaii-themed print. It’s the perfect bag for a picnic on one of Hawaii’s many scenic beaches.

We have a fantastic community of facebook. I have had a blast hosting it. Please join in the fun and conversation on our facebook page.

  1. We are taking my husbands teenage daughters to Hawaii for Thanksgiving. We are celebrating our anniversary Nov. 7 and my husbands and my birthday (both in December) Thanksgiving and Christmas and our dog Sophies birthday while we are there.
    I plan on taking the girls to every beach we can find in the nine days we are going to be on Oahu. If you have any suggestions for 14 and 16 year old girls to do please let me know.
    Thank you,

    1. Shelley (Sophie Sue) – I’m not sure what your girls would like, but here are a few suggestions:

      – Polynesian Cultural Center is a great place to learn about all the Polynesian Cultures. It appeals to folks of all ages. Their evening show Ha: Breath of Life is outstanding! Going to the PCC would take an entire day.

      – Would they be interested in learning to surf? This surfing school is operated by fireman at a gentle beach – http://www.hawaiianfire.com/surfindex.htm

      – Kalakaua Avenue at Waikiki Beach has lots of great shopping. There’s some fancy schmancy shops that are at least fun for window shopping. 🙂

      – You might find these two articles helpful:

      Hope that helps. Enjoy all those great birthday, anniversary, and holiday celebrations in Oahu!

  2. Hi Sheila,
    Thank you so much for the links. The girls really want surfing lessons and I was not sure where to take them.
    I planned on one day for Pearl Harbor and one day for the Polynesian Cultural Center. Shopping is on the list.
    Thank you,

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