Inter-Island Hawaiian Travel – Ferry Style

Update: The Superferry ceased service in 2007.

Hawaii Superferry will begin offering daily ferry service from Oahu to Kauai and Maui beginning July 2007. Ferry service to the Big Island will be added in 2009.

Ferry service offers a convenient opportunity to travel and see the Hawaiian islands by car. For example, you can travel from Ohau to Kauai in your car loaded with your surf board, luggage, pets, and babyseats. So for tourists you won’t have to go to the airport, parkor return the rental car, check in for a flight, check in your luggage, wait for the flight, and then deal with the luggage, car rental, etc on the other side. This new daily service is a fantastic alternative to flying and the fares are quite favorable!

  1. This service is no longer available. The courts forced the Superferry Company to shut down their services over an environmental lawsuit, and the boats have since then been sold. So now, except for passanger only service between Maui and the neighboring islands of Lanai and Molokai, there is no ferry service for transporting people and vehicles between the islands.

    With this one exception, to travel from one other island to another you must fly. Thus it is necessary, when planning a trip to Hawaii, to make separate travel arrangements, hotel, car rental, and a flight there, for every island you want to visit.

    By working with a travel agent, you may find it easier to work out these logistics, and you must include flights between the islands along with your flights to and from Hawaii in your flight plan.

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