Aloha Friday Photo: Maui Landing


Today’s Aloha Friday photo comes to us from Melanie Waldman who wrote a beautiful Ode To Maui last month.

Looking at this photo of the Maui reminds me of the excitement I feel when I first see Hawaii from the air. After flying for several hours (usually around 12 hours in our case), that first glimpse definitely gets my adrenaline going — anxious to be reunited to the islands I love so much.  What’s the first thing you enjoy seeing of Hawaii when you visit?

  1. The first thing that got me was the air…

    I came from Denver where the air was thin, cold and dry.

    I steeped off the plane and breathed in a big lung full of clean, thick, warm, moist air.

    It was a good feeling. 🙂

  2. Seeing Maui from the air has become such a thrill for me after a pair of helicopter tours.

    Specifically from the approach via airplane, the last time we made it to Maui we actually buzzed the crater at Haleakala which we were told doesn’t happen very often.

    Another time previously, we landed just before sunset and as we were just about to hit the runway you could see the sun just over the trees outside of the window of the plane. It’s like it waited up for us. 🙂

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