Aloha Friday Photo: Sunset Times Two Edition


I’ve entitled this Aloha Friday photo as “Sunset Times Two” because it’s a photo of sunset from Sunset Beach on Oahu. This colorful photo comes to us from my friend Dave who lives in Oahu.

I’m pretty sure if you take a moment to enjoy this photo, you might feel the warmth of those waning sun rays and hear the sound of the surf. Try it. You’ll like it!

Mahalo nui, Dave!

  1. Thanks Sheila,

    I love the North Shore of Oahu. Some of the worlds best and most famous beaches are on the North Shore of Oahu but there isn’t many signs (if any) or obvious parking lots, etc… (I kind of like it that way)

    However – It’s SUPER EASY to simply drive right past these beaches without even realizing it. Beach maps are sold just about everywhere you would expect. I highly recommend that everyone who plans on exploring the North Shore get one.

    1. Dave – thanks again for sharing your photo.

      I love Oahu’s North Shore. It has it’s own laid back vibe is is drastically different from its southern cousin, Waikiki.

      I should probably look into buying a beach map. I should check out Amazon to see if they sell them.

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