Aloha Friday Photo: House Finch Edition


Cliff Jensen sent today’s Aloha Friday Photo of this beautiful finch. He captured this photo in Poipu, Kauai along a shoreline walking path just west of The Point condos.

Here’s a little information that Cliff shared about this bird and how it captured his attention:

House Finches are native North American birds, originating from Mexico and the Southwestern US. About 1870 they were introduced into Hawaii where they now flourish. In the 1940’s they were sold (illegally) in the Eastern US as “Hollywood Finches”. They were eventually released and are now common. I heard this one singing before I spotted it against the beautiful blue sky.

If you enjoy bird watching, Hawaii is a great place to visit as you’ll see and hear birds that are endemic to Hawaii.

Mahalo to Cliff for sharing this Poipu vacation memory and photo with us.

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