Aloha Friday Photo: Royal Celebration Edition


This Aloha Friday happens to fall on one of Hawaii’s State holidays, which is King Kamehameha Day. King Kamehameha is celebrated because he united the islands of Hawaii under one domain in the late 18th century. (For more information on this king, read Who was Kamehameha the Great?)

This photo was provided courtesy of my sister, Michelle Calhoun. She took this photo of the King Kamehameha statue in the small town where this honored king was born – in Kapaau on the Big Island of Hawaii. Mahalo Michelle for sharing your photo.

The statue in Kapaau is my favorite, but you can also find King Kamehameha statues in Hilo, Honolulu and in Washington D.C. See this post for finding King Kamehameha statues.

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