Fact 3 of 50 About Hawaii, the 50th State: Hawaii Time

Clock in Waikiki

Hawaii doesn’t adjust their time to and from daylight savings time like the majority of the US mainland does. Hawaii’s time is the same year round. To find the current time in Hawaii, see this link.

  1. The rest of the US is kind of strange like that. Why bother with daylight savings? BTW – We don’t adjust our clocks but we do need to adjust our schedules for all of the telephone meetings we have with folks on the mainland, etc…

    1. Ah, so you guys have to know when our clocks change for business meetings/calls. That makes sense.

      I actually like daylight savings time. It’s nice to have the perception of more daylight hours in the summer. I wouldn’t mind being on it year-round. I would think our daylight hours would seem longer in the Winter.

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