Six Minutes of Oahu Beach Time

Do you need some relaxation time on Oahu’s beaches, but you can’t be there today? If so, you will enjoy watching this video with beach scenes around Oahu. In addition to the scenery, you also hear the sound of the waves. The only thing you’re missing is the feel of the trade winds blowing and the suntan lotion. Enjoy!

Mahalo to Go Visit Hawaii reader, Chris from Hawaii Weddings, for telling me about this video.

  1. Sheila-this is awesome! I could have sworn I felt a trade wind while watching! Sometimes I peek into Turtle Bay on their web cam…it’s sheer torture to see these things and be stuck at my desk so far away, but I will definitely be bookmarking it for more viewing.

  2. Hi Janice – I’m glad you enjoyed the video and even felt the trade winds.

    Turtle Bay is a special hotel. Enjoy checking in with their Web site form time to time just to hear the music and then the sound of the waves. How sad is that!? 😉

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