Amazing View of Honolulu From Puu Ualakaa State Wayside Park

Panoramic View of Waikiki & Honolulu

If you have about thirty minutes to an hour to spare when you visit Honolulu, then I might suggest a scenic drive on Tantalus and Round Top drives including a stop at the Puu Ualakaa State Wayside Park. This 10-mile, curvy and mountainous drive leads you though a tropical jungle with views of Diamond Head,  Punchbowl and Honolulu.

Stop into the Puu Ualakaa State Wayside Park for a true panoramic view of all those glimpses from the drive plus more, including views of Pearl Harbor and the southern base of the Waianane Mountain Range. The above panoramic photo is actually a collection of photos that Andy pieced together of the scene. I’d estimate it’s a 180 degree view.

See this google map to see Tantalus Drive, Round Top Drive and Puu Ualakaa State Wayside Park and to obtain driving directions. To find the exceptional view shown in the above photo, turn at the Puu Ualakaa State Wayside Park sign and make the first left until you reach the end of the road at a parking lot. The park is open from 7am until 7:45pm (April – Labor Day) or 6:45pm (Labor Day through March).

  1. One of the best views on the island and the drive is amazing as well. It’s like a jungle up there. The part that amazes me is that Diamond Head is just a few miles away and it’s very desert like over there. The contrast in climate and vegetation from one part of the island to another blows me away sometimes.

    BTW – Great work on the panorama! That must have taken quite a while.

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