Navigate Hawaii with this $60 GPS Navigation Bargain!

gpsSheila’s already explained the benefits of bringing your own GPS navigation unit to Hawaii–especially if you’re visiting Oahu and its many one-way streets–and now you can pick up your own for the bargain price of just $59.99. With free shipping, I might add!

The pocket-sized unit includes built-in maps of Hawaii and is packed with many great features. I’m not sure how long the deal will last, but is a safe and reliable place to buy your electronic items, and by buying your own GPS navigation you’ll save around $10 a day the car rental companies charge to rent one!

Buy yours here!

UPDATE: It did sell out. But, I found another GPS for the same price, yay!

  1. It’s so easy to use and the posted speed for major roads is great (no more excusses for speeding). No more looking for crooked or missing street signs as the Garmin shows me what is there. I use it even if I know where I’m going because the traffic feature is helpful. Also, I like that it tells you which lane to exit from as left turns aren’t always known until it’s too late. I don’t have to print out maps before a road trip anymore (saves a few trees too) and knowing the approximate time of arival is a huge help in deciding if there’s time for pit stops. I am totally happy with my new “co-pilot”.

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