Hawaii’s Big Island Sustainable Travel


Hawaii’s Big Island Visitors Bureau has launched a sustainable travel section on their Web site. Perhaps the term sustainable travel is a new one for you.  I like how the Big Island Visitor’s Bureau defines it.

On Hawaii Island, as elsewhere, sustainable tourism today means:

  • Minimizing negative impacts on the environment
  • Promoting the local culture, including heritage, history, arts, crafts, and more
  • Supporting island businesses, hiring locally and buying locally
  • Recycling, reusing and reducing use of limited resources
  • Offering authentic experiences which sustain the environment and local people
  • Preserving the geographical character of this place

The Web site has several good articles that will help visitors understand more about the complex and somewhat fragile eco-system in Hawaii. Visitors can learn how they can make choices that will promote sustainable travel.  For example, visitors can support hotels, tour companies, and restaurants that have integrated eco-friendly practices. I’d also like to point out the eco-adventure volunteer page that lists some of the projects that you can support while you are on your Big Island vacation.

I do encourage visitors to Hawaii to be good stewards while they’re there. You may also like to read my article on tips for being eco-friendly on your Hawaii vacation.

  1. Great Campaign! Without our Hawaiian culture & natural beauty… Hawaii just wouldn’t be the same. Everyone over here knows this but it’s easy to forget sometimes.

    Hawaii also has a LOT of laws restricting outdoor signs. Most people never notice that there are NO billboards. They just notice the nice scenery that would otherwise be obstructed if billboards were allowed.

  2. I wish that more places across the world would use a “sustainable tourism” policy. It’s so eco-friendly – it definitely makes you feel less guilty about traveling.

  3. @ Dave – I’m glad people have taken the initiative to preserve Hawaii’s culture and beauty. It is to be treasured for sure!

    @ Ami – I know what you mean about the travel guilt thing. It’s a tough balancing act. The good news is that many resorts and businesses in Hawaii are making earnest efforts to reduce energy dependence, improve recycling programs, etc. I think/hope that these types of sustainable tourism initiatives will grow.

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