Lanai’s Koloiki Ridge Hike


With the sound of the tradewinds blowing through the canopy of trees, the Koloiki Ridge hike may be one of the most peaceful hikes I’ve trekked. The trail leads you through a forest with native Hawaiian plants and Norfolk Pines up to a ridge with views of the islands of Molokai and Maui as well as the Maunalei and Naio Gulches on Lanai.

Officially, the five-mile Koloiki Ridge hiking trail begins at the Lodge at Koele. The hike is described as moderate with an elevation change of 164 feet. It’s estimated that you will need two hours for this hike. Here are some tips for hitting the Koloiki Ridge trail:

  • Begin this hike by stopping in at the Lodge at SANY0310Koele and politely consulting with the concierge, who will be able to provide a detailed trail map and advise on trail conditions, weather conditions, and safety hazards. This step is very important! We found the concierge’s advice and the map that he provided to be extremely helpful. We would have literally been lost without it.
  • Note that the Koloiki Ridge Hike connects with the Munro Trail for a portion of the hike.
  • Wear shoes that are good for hiking on uneven surfaces.  I would not advise wearing flip flops or shoes that you don’t want to get dirty as the trail can be muddy.
  • Bring along water and maybe a light energy snack.
  • Bring a lightweight waterproof jacket in case it rains. Note that with the higher elevation, the air is cooler than on the coast.
  • If you have a 4-wheel drive vehicle and conditions permit you to drive the Munro Trail that day, you can save some steps by driving most of the official five-mile hike.  (See my tips for 4-wheeling it on Lanai.)

See our other photos from the Koloiki Trail.

Enjoy this peaceful Lanai hike!

  1. I just wanted to second the advice to get the detailed trail map from the friendly concierge at the Lodge at Koele. However, when I was there (late May), I couldn’t hike directly from the Lodge, since rains had washed out the trail. I had to drive up Cemetery Lane and start on the Munro Trail. Concierge will have details if weather/conditions necessitate you deviating any from the trail map! It’s a marvelous hike — one I absolutely recommend.

  2. Hi Kara – I’m glad you got to enjoy this hike, too! We had the whole trail to ourselves when we hiked it. Did you find that it was peaceful, too?

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