A Photo for Memorial Day 2008

Navy Sailors at the USS Missouri in Pearl Harbor

This photo was taken at Pearl Harbor and shows US Navy Sailors with the USS Missouri in the background. 

  1. Touring the USS Missouri was an incredible experience, the ship is huge, you get to walk all around inside of it, and it’s too good to miss! It’s amazing it was in service until only recently too.

  2. Hi Jim – it sure is an impressive battleship, even with it’s age. I liked seeing where the WW II treaty was signed on the ship. It’s neat being on a spot of such historical significance.

  3. Oahu is the place to be on Memorial Day. You can see the spot where WWII Began & Ended all at once. Lots of other stuff to see for the military or WWII buff to check out as well.

  4. Hi Dave – Thanks for pointing out that you can see the spot where WWII began and ended on Oahu. I had never made that connection – very interesting!

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