New series starting: Weather guides to the Hawaiian Islands


Over the years we’ve answered many questions about weather on our Hawaii weather page. Even though that page covers quite a bit of data, we thought it would be helpful to create individual island weather guides for convenience and to cover more details.

Before the series gets started, we’d like to hear your Hawaii weather questions. We’ll try to answer as many of your weather-related questions as possible in this new series, so please comment below with your questions.

  1. Laura & Marco says:

    Hi there. Love the idea of individual island weather guides !!

    In August 2016 we plan to visit Hilo; in our many trips , we have never been there, because of its “rainy weather”. BUT what does that mean ?
    Is it raining every day ? Heavy rains ? Storms? and when they say LIGHT RAIN what does that mean ? Can we expect “short times of rain” and SUN afterwards ? or the sky is always cloudy ??

    1. Sheila Beal says:

      Great questions, Laura & Marco! From our experiences in Hilo, it’s mostly been sunny, though we did have one rainy day and an overcast day. I’m trying to find someone who is a local who can give us a little more insight to the typical weather patterns.

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