Answering Your Hawaii Questions at

I’m honored to have been asked by to answer their readers’ questions about Hawaii.  If you have a question about planning your Hawaii vacation, feel free to submit your question and then join us for the Hawaii Trip Coach session on Tuesday, October 30th at noon EST. 

  1. Congratulations Sheila! Their readers are really fortunate to have someone as knowledgable about Hawaii as you. Hope you get some interesting questions.

  2. Looks like a great Hawaii info site. Look forwad to exploring it more. I lived in Honolulu,
    nothing else like it in the world.

    Thanks for all your efforts.

    Al B

  3. @ RobertResorts – Welcome to Go Visit Hawaii

    @ Kathleen- Thank you! It is super exciting!

  4. Congratulations Sheila! That should bring you a nice increase in traffic. You deserve it.


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