Honolulu 2008 Memorial Day Weekend Events and Ideas

For 2019 events, go to Honolulu/Oahu Memorial Day Events & Activities 2019.


The following list is from 2008 for reference purposes only. For 2015 events, go to Honolulu/Oahu Memorial Day Events & Activities 2015.

If you are going to be on Oahu for Memorial Day weekend 2008, consider these ideas to honor the meaning of the day.

Lantern Floating Ceremony this annual event takes place on Memorial Day from 6:30pm – 7:30pm at Ala Moana Beach Park. Lanterns are released on the water to honor those who sacrificed their lives in war. They have a great website with all the details.

Mayor’s Memorial Day Ceremony at Punchbowl – The ceremony begins at 8:30am with the mayor’s address. Cannons will be fired and each tombstone will be draped in a lei. Read more about public transportation and parking options here.

See the Arizona Memorial – Though there aren’t any specific events, visiting this memorial is certainly a worthy way to honor Memorial Day. Read more about planning your visit.

Tour the USS Missouri- This retired battleship is also known as the Mighty Mo and also makes a great place to visit to honor the day. See my article with advice for touring the Mighty Mo.

Photo credit to Dave Zuls.

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