What Inspires the Aloha (Hawaiian) Shirt Designs?

Here’s a really neat, two-minute video featuring Hilo’s Sig Zane. He’s a well known Aloha (Hawaiian print) shirt designer. In this video he talks about how nature inspires his designs. He also takes us on a brief tour of Hilo.

Do you have an Aloha shirt? What colors and designs do you like best?

  1. Great video! 🙂

    Hilo is such a quaint little area too, I liked it better than Kona.

  2. Hi Jim – I’m glad you liked the video, too. I agree with you about liking Hilo better than Kona. I’ve heard Hilo mentioned as being a town that is most like “old” Hawaii. It really is a charming town and I think people should plan on at least a day trip to Hilo, but preferably stay 2 or 3 nights in the area.

  3. I wish we spent more time there walking around but it was still fun the brief time we were there.

  4. My personal philosophy is “Speak softly but wear a LOUD shirt”. 😉

    For some reason, I almost always buy Reyn Spooner. I just like the fabric the way they are easy to take care of. (Unlike silk)

    One of the benefits of living in Hawaii is wearing a Hawaiian shirt is almost mandatory. I have more Hawaiian shirts than Weird Al Yankovic & that’s perfectly normal. I seriously doubt I would be able to get away with dressing the way I do at work if I were on the mainland.

  5. LOL Dave – I love the philosophy!

    I love how Hawaiian shirts are the norm in business in Hawaii. I bet it makes work go a little bit more relaxed. Enjoy it!

  6. I LOVE Sig Zane’s designs. I wore one today, as a matter of fact. My hula halau uses them too (but that’s because my Kumu works at SZ). Seriously, my husband has full permission to buy me whatever he wants from that store. Oh, how I miss Hilo and walking along bayfront – Wilson’s, the Farmer’s Market, Sig Zane… auwe!

  7. Hi JulieAnn – SZ’s designs are really fantastic. I like your idea of giving the hubby full permission to buy a SZ item. I may have to borrow that one from you. 🙂

    Hilo is lovely, isn’t it? I’d like to have a shave ice from Wilson’s right now. *Sigh*

  8. I like Sig Zane’s store. It is clean and nicely merchandised, and I enjoy the changing creative and attractive store window display. I go to Hilo every week so if anyone want to know about anything going on there, just drop me a line:)

  9. HVG – can you pick us up a shave ice next time your in Hilo? 😉

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