Aloha Friday Photo: King Kamehameha I Statue at Grand Wailea Resort, Maui

Mahalo to Lillian Martin for sharing this beautiful Aloha Friday Photo. Lillian lives in Santa Cruz, California now, but she is originally from Honolulu.

This statue in the photo is of King Kamehameha I. He was the first king to unite the Hawaiian Islands in 1795. There are several statues of King Kamehameha in the Hawaiian Islands. This King Kamehameha statue in Lillian’s photo stands near the entrance of the beautiful Grand Wailea hotel in Maui. This resort has many excellent statues and works of art. (You can learn more about the art at Grand Wailea in this article.)

Every June 11th is a state holiday honoring King Kamehameha. (Note that some celebrations take place in the days before and after June 11th.) From our cultural festivals article, here’s a listing of all the major King Kamehameha celebrations planned for 2024.

Happy Aloha Friday!

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