Top Oahu Restaurants – Dave & Alice’s Picks

image From the Oahu restaurant guide article, I promised a list of top Oahu restaurants from a local resident’s perspective.  I’m so excited and pleased to present the list of Dave and Alice favorite Oahu restaurants.  I think you’ll enjoy this eclectic list that will suit any budget and taste you desire. So, let’s dive into Dave and Alice’s Oahu restaurant picks neatly organized in useful categories.

Pacific Rim:

Beach Front:

  • Hau Tree Lanai at The New Otani Kaimana Beach Hotel Waikiki: Small place, great food, good prices, right on the beach.
  • La Mer at the Halekulani Hotel: French Fine Dining
  • Orchids at the Halekulani Hotel: Variety – Fine Dining


Dinner Cruise:

Cheap Eats:


To Dave and Alice – you guys rock!  A big mahalo to you for creating this list.

Note: We have edited this list in 2019 to remove the restaurants that have gone out of business.

  1. Wow! – Thanks Sheila.

    Something I forgot to mention about my restaurant selections…

    I’m an extremely fussy eater. I grew up in New Mexico where there isn’t much in the way of Asian food or Sea food. So, I’m your basic “Meat & Potatoes” Mid-Westerner. The last thing I want when it comes to food is any sort of surprise. My family is the same way. They won’t eat Seafood, Asian food, Rice or anything that isn’t familiar.

    On the other hand… My wife who is Japanese is the exact opposite. When she goes out to eat, she wants to try something new. She’ll eat Asian food that would make most Fear Factor contestants drop out. My wife especially LOVES food like Natto. (Fermented Soybeans) It’s this absolutely disgusting rotten-bean-slime that smells horrible. I can’t even be in the same room with her when she eats it or I’ll vomit.

    So… The restaurants I picked out are all restaurants that my wife and I can both enjoy as well as visitors from the mainland who do not want any kind of culinary adventure.

    Aloha, Dave.

  2. Sheila, What, no Chinese Restaurants on Oahu? You have to try Yen King on the outside of the Kahala Mall. I compare the hot and sour soup served there as “The” standard for Hot and Sour soup in the world…no joke…jerry

  3. @ Dave – thanks again for the great list. That Nato sounds, um, “interesting”. 🙂

    @ jerry – this is actually Dave’s list of favorites. 🙂 I appreciate your recommendation on Yen King. I’ll have to make plans to try the standard for hot and sour soup next time on Oahu.

  4. Erica – Views are usually what I look for too when I go on vacation. I can find restaurants with great food at home, but none of them with beach views like you get in Hawaii. Thanks for your comment.

  5. I was glad to see Eggs ‘n Things made the cut. They used to have a 1:00 am special that we would go to after the last movie showing at 10:30 pm. Back then I could eat a full on big breakfast with portuguese sausage, eggs, rice and pancakes, and wake up skinny and hungry later in the day!

  6. For amazing views for Breakfast and Dinner, you should try Hula Grill Waikiki. They are on the beach and offer amazing food for reasonable prices. If you had a Happy Hour list, they should be on top!

  7. OMG! Just got in to resort on north shore last night but due to jet lag and work didn’t get a chance to work on our honeymoon itenerary :/ so glad I ran into ur reccomendations, though want to stay as close to turtle bay resort as much as possible for I hate being lost on vacation. What would be within a 30 min drive worth seeing? Help me make this a memorable experience for my wifey 🙂

  8. Thanks for the rapid response. Deffinitely will be checking out memorial for we are visiting family enlisted here. PCC is another day excursion. It is 6:03 am here on TUrtle Bay, sun is barely lighting this dark morning, didn’t want to miss the sunrise my first day here! From all the delish sounding restaurants, is there any close to north shore you’d eat at for a protein packed breakfast that I am so used to having??

  9. As another Oahu resident, I’ve got completely different picks!

    Honolulu: Town, 12th Ave Grill, 3660 on the Rise, Brassierie du Vin, Salt

    La Mer and Azure, if in Waikiki and want to break the bank.

    Kailua: Kalapawai Cafe, Baci Bistro, Town, Cactus

    Breakfast: Moke’s B&B in Kailua

    Mexican: Serg’s Mexican, Waimanalo – Cha-Cha-Cha, Hawaii Kai

    Lunch: Buzz’s Steak House, Kailua, Pineapple Room, Ala Moana Shopping Center

  10. The only thing Cholo’s is good for is a cool looking dining room and a half way decent, over priced margarita. Otherwise, the food is abominable.

    The island has horrible Mexican, but if you’re desperate, Mexico on School st. is pretty good.

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