Congratulations to Go Visit Hawaii Reader Christine from Canada

Go Visit Hawaii Reader Reward Contest Prize

Our randomly selected winner is Christine who is our first winner from Canada.  Christine tells me that she’s “one of those people who pass the time between Hawaii vacations remembering the last and planning the next.”  I can really relate to that. In an e-mail, she went on to say, “I never get tired of reading about Hawaii but the GoVisitHawaii blog really appeals to me. I like how you write about many interesting things I hadn’t heard about but include the familiar stuff too, and a good mix of touristy things, business happenings, people and off the beaten track. Love it. I look forward to
getting my regular emails from you – never deleted one without reading it -and hey, I guess the aloha karma came through for me!”  Thank you, Christine, for subscribing to Go Visit Hawaii.  I’m so glad you’re enjoying the e-mails. 

Many thanks to everyone who entered the contest.  The latest contest was a lot of fun and I got a record number of entries.  I very much appreciate each and every entry. 

I’ve been collecting some prizes for another contest that I hope to announce in March or April.  So, if you didn’t win this round, please stay tuned for the next round. 

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