Hawaii Vacation News Roundup for February 18th

In today’s news we go from whales to bugs.

  • Are you going to be on Maui on February 23rd? If so, you could participate in a unique volunteer opportunity to count whales for the Pacific Whale Foundation’s Great Whale Count. For more information, see this Honolulu Advertiser article.
  • How good are you at reading the Hawaiian language? Test your skills at go! Airlines website in Hawaiian. go! is the first airline to offer a website in Hawaiian.
  • If you are trying to be more eco-friendly on your Maui vacation, then consider renting a Bio-Beetle. This VW Bug runs on bio-diesel, which is better for the environment and cheaper than gas. (News source: MotherEarthNews)
  1. FYI… Bio-Beetle has more then Beetles for rent…
    They have jettas, Golfs, even a jeep Liberty, all running on 100% biodiesel!
    They also don’t use toxic cleaners…. they offer their renters free use of coolers, books, etc…. and are totally into the whole green sustainability thing!

  2. Counting whales sounds like a lot of fun. Just to see them would be pretty cool. Sounds like your really into the eco green thing. Thats good to see. I have a friend that just went on an Hawaii Vacation. I’ll ask him if he seen any whales.

  3. @ Pam – Thanks for the additional information. That’s a great car rental alternative to consider.

    @ Robin – I think counting whales sounds like fun too. When I’ve been in Hawaii during whale season, I found that whale watching became very addictive and mesmerizing. I hope your friend got to see whales. It’s pretty amazing.

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