How Far Do You Travel To Get To Hawaii?

As you probably know, I live in North Carolina. For fun I thought I’d check Google Maps to see how far I travel to get to Honolulu, Hawaii from NC.  My result was 5,647 miles.

Google Maps produced directions from North Carolina to Hawaii by assuming I’d be traveling on land and sea. The directions instruct me to  drive from North Carolina to Seattle, Washington and then kayak 2,756 miles across the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii. See direction # 38 in my directions page. I enjoy sea kayaking, but not that much.


Luckily, I usually fly straight to Honolulu with only one connection in  either Chicago or Dallas on American Airlines. I believe the flight to Hawaii from North Carolina usually earns me about 4,500 frequent flier miles one way and about 9,000 round-trip.

How about you? I’d love to hear where you call home? Do you know how many miles you travel to get to Hawaii from your home? As Kamila pointed out on facebook, you can use TravelMath to help you determine the flight distance.

  1. Cute idea to look at this!! 🙂

    As we’re in Vancouver, BC according to Google Maps,+British+Columbia,+Canada&daddr=Honolulu,+HI,+United+States&hl=en&ll=35.317366,-140.097656&spn=33.036108,68.818359&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=32.335236,68.818359&geocode=Faqq7wIdOW6p-CmzT6lD8XOGVDGL84Gb6paRuw%3BFUAeRQEd40WX9ilNRsOMOxgAfDFsl6fzX_UoSw&mra=ls&z=4
    we have to Kayak from Seattle as well…

    …tiring!! 🙂

    4727 KM.

    We can’t tell you the roundtrip miles for our journey we start in Hawaii in 3 weeks though as that’s the start of a 4-6 month journey we’re taking and not sure where we’ll be ending up? 🙂

    Again Sheila, great idea for an article and we’ll be curious to see everyone’s answers! 🙂


    Nancy and Shawn

  2. Sheila! long time, and as always, love your fun posts!!

    My family came all the way from Brazil for my wedding in May – 30+ people, so much fun! But travel was long for these guys… imagine 7hr time change (9hs depending on the season), plus about 22h flying! (not counting connections or layovers, typically about 2 stops)

    Records: 1)My cousin left Hawaii on Sat Afternoon on the way back, and arrived in her city (300miles from Sao Paulo) on Tuesday Morning! No leisure stops, she was just unlucky with some cancelled and delayed flights along the way…
    2) My aunt coming from the coast of France: 5 hs drive to Paris, 8+hs to NYC, 5hs to LAX, 5hs to HNL….. and 12hs time difference!

    Though I can say that no one was complaining… as soon as they stepped foot in HNL they could feel the aloha spirit in the air and enjoyed every single minute of their vacation in paradise! 🙂

    1. Hi Kris! Yes, it has been a long time.

      You had wedding guests from all over the world. Sheesh, your cousin sure had a long drawn out journey.

      I’m glad to hear that everyone enjoyed their time in Hawaii, despite the distance and effort to get there.

  3. We live in South Pasadena FL. our best route is a banana boat to Panama Canal- Buss across canal. Tramp steamer leaving for Japan to return containers but with a stop over in Hawaii. The way back is by kayak/ Love your work Keep IT UP 🙂

  4. We just got back from Hawaii a little over a week ago. Before going we checked Google Maps for fun as well and got similar results as we left from TN. Everyone had a lot of fun thinking about the kayaking part of the trip especially wondering about bathroom breaks and such during the 2,756 miles…lol

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