Are you going to Hawaii in 2019? (+ Hawaii Calendar Giveaway)

As we say aloha to the new year and wonder what the year has in store, we hope that visits to the Aloha State are in your 2019!

At the new year, we love hearing your Hawaii plans. What island(s) will you visit? When will you go? Will you be celebrating a special occasion?

Let’s continue a little tradition that we started several years ago by giving away lovely Hawaii desk calendars illustrated by Hawaii artist Mike Carroll. We have three to giveaway.

Photo of the front and back of the calendar. The right side (back of calendar) shows the 12 images that are used in the calendar.

To enter to win a calendar, use the comment section of this blog post to tell us your plans for visiting Hawaii this year or in the future. Here’s how the calendar giveaway will work:

  • By commenting on this blog post on (not on Facebook or via email), you are entered to win. Here’s how to submit your comment:
    • Enter your name (first names only are okay) in the name field. Please use a real name, because that’s how we’ll be contacting you.
    • Enter your email address in the email field. (Note that your email will not display with the approved comment. It will only be visible to me and used to contact the winners.)
    • Enter your comment in the comment field. (Note that if you are a first-time commenter, allow us up to 12 hours to receive and approve your comment for display. All first-time comments go into moderation at first.)
  • We will accept entries through January 9, 2019.
  • Three winners will be selected at random on January 10, 2019. The winners will be notified by email.

So, let’s hear from you! What are your Hawaii travel plans? Use the comment section below to let us know.

  1. Aloha! Planning on another visit to Oahu to Disney’s Au’lani – but we’d love to spend some time on the other islands as well! We’ll be celebrating our (joint) retirement!

  2. Aloha! My husband and I are planning to spend Christmas 2019 in Hawaii to finish out the year celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary and 70th birthday celebrations!! We also hope to attend a college women’s basketball tournament too.

  3. Going to Oahu in early May for two weeks to celebrate my wife fighting, and beating breast cancer. We are staying in a condo at Kia Lani in Ko Olina for the two weeks, planning on doing a lot of reflecting on her battle, and celebrating her victory over this disease.

    1. I hope you and your wife have an amazing time on Oahu come May. It is the only island i’ve visited thus far, and it is beautiful, of course. Your comment caught my attention because myself and my husband are planning a trip to Maui first week of July, celebrating for the same reason as you and your wife. As well, as it is our 8th wedding anniversary July 4th, and we never got a honeymoon. So this will be a special trip for us for multiple reasons. I’ve learned that it is not healthy to always put things off for “later”…we need to learn to live the life we have while we have it. Aloha!

  4. I am hoping to get to Hawaii this year- still not sure how to narrow down what to see and do in a week/10 days, but I’m getting great ideas from this blog & website! Thank you!

  5. We wanted to go to Hawaii in November 2018 for our 20th anniversary, but we did not plan enough in advance. So we have our condos booked for November 2019. We will be staying one week in Oahu and one week on the Big Island. November cannoot come fast enough!! My husband and I are soooo looking forward to this trip! The calendar would be a lovely gift to put on the fridge and look forward to our trip!!

    1. I’m excited as well to celebrate our 20th this April going to Kauai for the first time… not sure if you have ever been to the islands so I wanted to give you a must see … We’ve stayed at the Hilton Waikoloa on the big Island 3 times!!! You must go and walk through this resort and enjoy a few hours with its beauty and even private little lake, This is loaded with a variety of activities, dolphins and great restaurants plus your on like 80 acres, its just awesome, You’ll want to stay here! Hawaii is a bit different with its Beaches being lava rock and not as sandy as I favor like in Maui (my fav) but Kona is a great tourist town for shopping and probably most popular. The Hilton is 30 mins from Kona but I like the Waikoloa area much better plus more 4 and 5 star resorts so it’s prettier. Oahu if you’ve been then I’m wasting words but if first time just be prepared to feel like your in the big city (San Fran, New York) not as tropical but so many things to do, so it’s great you’ll get 2 experiences while on vacation. Wishing You and your Husband a fabulous Anniversary trip! We will be vacationing first time without our Teens, looking forward to time alone and not spending x4 LOL RC

  6. I’ll be taking a cruise to Hawaii in February with stops at 4 islands. Was wondering what are must sees that I can take excursions to?

  7. Don’t have any definite plans as of yet, but would eventually love to return to Maui (and go whale watching again). Next time, we’d also like to see Kauai and the Big Island…although it’ll be hard to pass up the shrimp trucks on Oahu’s north side! So much to see and do… never enough time😕

  8. We are traveling the end of January and will be visiting Oahu, Maui and Kauai. We plan to visit the Pearl Harbour Memorial (trying to compare the different options for tours, or do-it-yourself), have a 5-night stay at the Westin Ka’anaPali and explore some sights we haven’t seen before. We’ll end our stay with 3 nights at the Waimea Plantation Cottages and explore Kauai, but mostly enjoy the cottage and grounds.

  9. Planning on celebrating our 40th anniversary in May by taking a cruise on NCL from Oahu as well as spend additional days on Oahu. Reservations are made and ready to roll in 128 days!

  10. Aloha! My husband and I plan to visit Maui in December. We plan to celebrate our anniversary (12 years), Christmas and my husband’s birthday on December 27. This will be our fifth trip to the Island of Maui and we cannot wait!

  11. I have only been receiving your photos and e-mails for less than a month but there are so beautiful. I have not been to Hawaii for 2 decades but we are definitely going there this February/March. My Husband is into flowers so Kauai is top of our list . I have been to Oahu Hawaii and Maui-unbelievably engaging.

  12. Aloha! We are visiting the Big Island of Hawaii on January 17-22nd! We were married in Maui and vacationed here in 2016. We LOVE LOVE LOVE Hawaii!

  13. Aloha! My husband and I are visiting the lovely island of Oahu this March. It will be our 8th consecutive visit to Waikiki, so it has become an ‘anniversary’ holiday for us. We cannot wait! 🌞🌅🏖🌴🍹💕

  14. Our family will be visiting Oahu in June 2019. We’ll be staying in Waikiki. We can’t wait to see the sites, shows and restaurants.

  15. I will be coming back to Hawaii for my usually trip which I’ve been taking for the last 20years there’s no better place on earth to me,,,and I’ve travelled all over the world and Hawaii,is home to me, paradise for sure,,,

  16. We have just booked flights for late February! This will be our first time visiting that time of year, usually we are in the islands for New Year’s. Yes, we would normally be there right now…(big sigh)

  17. Hawaii has been on my “must go back” list ever since I returned to the mainland in 1972. When I was in 2nd and 3rd grade, we lived in Honolulu while my dad was an AF pilot in Vietnam. I would love to show my husband and son Pearl Harbor & Diamond Head on Oahu. Maui and Kauai were exotic destinations in 1972, but Volcano National Park on the Big Island, was the most memorable.

  18. We’re still trying to figure out our plans but hoping to return to Hawaii as soon as possible! Our most recent visit was January 2018 and we went to Ko Olina on Oahu then. We loved it so much we’re hoping to go again! It was perfect for our young daughter. We will be celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary this year so the trip will be a celebration of that 🙂

  19. Just went to Hawaii in Sept and starting to make plans again for 2019 cant wait love it over there

  20. Going to Maui the first of April for ten days, then Oahu for four days to see Pearl Harbor. Hoping to see some whales while in Maui, west coast (Mahana at Kaanapali). Planning to do Pearl Harbor on our own, any suggestions ?

  21. We are currently in Hawaii on the island of Oahu volunteering at a Baptist Bible Camp for the month of January and celebrating our 22nd Anniversary! Absolutely stunning vistas in every direction!

  22. We have always gone to the Big Island – love the greener and quieter side of the island. We realized we kept going back at least once a year sometimes twice. We decided last year to start house hunting and we were there when the latest and tremendous lava outbreak of the eruption happened. That has not deterred us in anyway. We actually felt safer on the island during that time than when we returned to the mainland. So we are starting up the hunt again at the end of this month! It would be amazing to live on this island!

  23. I have never been to Hawaii or any of the smaller islands but I really do want to visit some day in the future. not this year though.

  24. Aloha!!
    Iré a Hawaii este año a ver las ballenas y me gustaría hospedarme en Maui – Lahaina.
    Todavía tengo que organizar el viaje y viajaré durante un mes para conocer bien la zona y las otras islas. Feliz año nuevo 2019! Desde España!

  25. Aloha!
    I stayed in Oahu and Big Island last August with my family, but unfortunatly without my husband. So we are looking forward to a visit together and I’d love to see Maui and Kauai.
    Fell in love with your beautiful Island!

  26. Family 0f 9 are going to Maui and Big Island for first week and then renting a house on North Shore for second week in July of 2019. So excited. Born on Oahu and taking family home. Spending Fourth of July on Maui.

  27. Can’t wait for my first visit!! I’ve been wanting to vacation in Hawaii for as long as I can remember!!!

  28. Aloha. My wife and I were in Hawaii (Waikiki) in 2018 but on day two my wife had a fall and she could not do any of the things we had planned. Canoe surf on Waikiki Beach, Jet ski ride, Segway, swim with the dolphins. Our holiday was reduced to bus tours and slow walking to restaurants and bars. She is all good now and we are booked into Princess Kaiulani in early May 2019. Can’t wait to try all those pursuits this time.

  29. coming back to my 2nd home Sept 19 – 24th time there – who knew! Can’t seem to get Maui anywhere but – “You were always on my mind – you were always on my mind” How very very true!

  30. We will be there in April, its a special family vaction for our 20th wedding anniversary. Of course we have to bring our kids, my parents are coming too, since my mum is turning 70 in Feb.
    We will be on the Big Island first for 3 nights, then over to Oahu for 6 nights. In our plans we have Kualoa Ranch, Pearl Harbor, Manulele Distillery, North Shore, Makaha Valley. Right now I am working on a self drive tour of the Big Island, a drive Hilo to Hamakua and Waipio, the Green Sand beach, and hopefully a luau and a coffee farm or 2.

  31. A group of six of us are finally going to Hawaii in May, a trip we have planned for about six years. We will be on The Pride of America for a week, so luckily will see Maui, The Big Island and Kauai. We are having pre and post cruise time in Oahu. We are just planning our tours etc now and are feeling very excited.

  32. Planning our 5th visit to Maui in November!! Definitely not a “once in a lifetime” vacation!!!

  33. After almost 13 years, returning to visit Maui and Big Island this winter while spending time with friends. Would love to tour or see some cool things in Lanai while it will be accessible when in Maui.

  34. We are looking to return to Maui in September, to celebrate a birthday. We did some island hopping almost two years ago and decided we need to go back to Maui and spend more time and see more of the island. Of all the islands we visited we fell in love with Maui.

  35. Aloha! We are finally getting to Hawaii for our first visit and have booked all our flights and accommodations for a 5 week stay! I am so excited we are finally going soon after two years of planning! We will begin our trip for a 10 night stay in Oahu in June 2019, followed by 7-10 days each on Maui, Kauai, and Hawaii Island. We love that there are itineraries already done on this blog to help us with our planning!!

  36. Aloha! So excited for our fourth trip to visit my sister on the Big Island in February! My son and his family are joining us for their first visit. They have two kids ages 11 and 8. We will begin our trip with a one night stay in Oahu and visiting Pearl Harbor. We continue onto the big island for a two nights stay in Kona and lots of sight seeing before we head to Volcano Village where my sister owns a home. They manage and work near Hilo on a very large estate. The area is bountiful with lush grasses, fruit trees, water falls and many flowers! So excited to have my son and family experience this trip with us! My family will depart after 10 days and my girl friend will join me as her and I continue our stay for an additional week. Our home is in SD so getting out of the cold and snow is a blessing. May God grant us a great family vacation!

  37. I’ve been to Oahu once or twice a year while my son was stationed there. But I so love the island that I intend to continue coming back to Hawaii after his duty station changes.

  38. My husband and I are going to Maui in April/May to celebrate his 60th birthday. This is his dream vacation! It’s been 40 years since I visited Hawaii and my husband’s first trip. We plan to snorkel, possibly go zip-lining, biking, and hiking. Can’t wait!

  39. Going to Oahu and the Big Island my intentions are to avoid Chicago’s winter for a month. Planning on para-sailing, wave-running and jet-packing. Hiking,museums, checking out the surfing on the North Shore and taking many photos. Just runaround but taking it easy at the same time.

  40. Aloha! I plan on bringing my 2 kids to Honolulu over Christmas break 2019! It’ll be our first family vacation together & the first time any of us have flown 😄 We are so excited!

  41. Aloha🌺….will be Travelling to Oahu in October//November, love to be their joining in the fun during Halloween 🎃 celebrations.

  42. We will be going next month. I am excited as I have not been back in over 20 years. We don’t have exact plans as of yet, but I am hoping for relaxation and a bit of exploring.

  43. We visit Maui and Kauai every year and have done so for decades. Can’t think of a better place to be in winter. We adopted 2 beautiful Humpback Whales over 20 years ago and look for them every year. The islands are beautiful in winter – perfect breezes, sunny days, some rain (better than snow). A hui hou kākou – soon, real soon – February to be exact!

  44. My husband and I are going to Oahu in May for our 14th anniversary. first trip for both of us! So excited!

  45. I’d love to, but I don’t think it’ll happen this year. Would like to go to Maui.

  46. Going to Big Island in middle of February just to relax and then to Maui in July for our friends daughter’s wedding.

  47. I’ll be visiting Oahu Feb. 6-14, 2019 with my family. I’m 37 and this will be the first time that I’ve been back since I was 16 years old. Getting to experience Hawaii now as an adult is gonna be an entirely new experience for me and I’m beyond excited.

  48. We just booked our Hawaii trip this coming February for my birthday celebration . We’ll be staying in Waikiki and try to go to Oahu Island and Haunama Bay if I spelled it correctly to see the tourist site since this will be our first time to visit . I’m already excited and hopefully I get to win the free calendar to guide us during our trip

  49. We visit Maui every year in June. This year, we also plan to take in Kauai!

  50. My wife and I are retired and decided to make our second trip to Hawaii. This time taking advantage of our time share. Last time we were overwhelmed by the beauty of Maui and took advantage of the road to Hana…our 2 week visit February 2019 will take us to the Big Island and Oahu..
    Looking for warmth since we live in the northeast USA

  51. Aloha! We are heading to Kaua’i August 25th celebrating my husbands 50th birthday! So excited!

  52. We are planning a visit to Hawaii in September to celebrate out 35th wedding anniversary. Not sure here we are headed yet as still in the planning stages. We sure could use some help!!

  53. Aloha!

    My husband and I just returned yesterday after spending our annual 2 weeks in Maui. We are booked for Christmas 2019. We love Hawaii and have been blessed to have gone the past 20 years. Next trip is a mix between Maui and Kauai and are bringing my husband’s parents for there joint birthday celebration. Can’t wait and it’s only been a day since we landed back in WA.

  54. Aloha! I will be in Waikiki in April. Had to cancel last year, but so looking forward to returning to my favorite place.🍍🌴🌺

  55. Aloha! My fiancee and I will traveling to the Big Island and Oahu in May right after our wedding for our honeymoon. It’ll be our first trip to Hawaii and we’re really excited!

  56. My partner and I are coming to Hawaii for my first time in March! We are planning to do tons of hiking (the ridge hikes look AMAZING), swimming, eating, surf lessons, and exploring all things Honolulu has to offer. I am so excited! Would love any hiking recs, Kaiwai Ridge and Kuliouou Ridge are on the list so far. Thanks for your blog post about visiting in March!

  57. My boyfriend and I have been backpacking around the world from Ireland since start of 2018! We’ll be stopping in Hawaii for a week in January before continuing on to mainland USA! Can’t believe we’re coming to Hawaii! Dream come true! So excited! Planning every second!

  58. January 9, 2019 9:16 PM
    my husband and I will be going for the first time in November. We intend to see Pearl Harbor and stay probably in Honolulu – but he is a dairy farmer and we want to see some country, too.
    We are very excited.

  59. My wife and I visited the big island three years ago. We are coming back in February of 2019. We are flying in from the east coast through DFW. We are going back to the big island. This time around My wife and I are bringing two of my daughters (17, 20), my 17 yr olds boyfriend and my father in-law. We are going to stay in the mauna lani resort again. Since our crew is so large we are renting a 3 bedroom villa in the kulalani development. We found this on VRBO. Great deal and the property management company is amazing so far. Unfortunately the mauna lani will be closed for renovations at the time. No awesome buffet breakfast to go have. We will be zip-lining, exploring the Hilo side, and visiting the VNP. Another day will will go on a whale watching tour. And finally we will fly to Oahu for the day to visit Pearl Harbor and Diamond Head state park. These days are split apart by a day of relaxation and beach time. CANT WAIT!!!

  60. Mahalo to everyone for sharing their plans. Sounds like many exciting trips on the horizon this year with much to celebrate!

    The three winners of the Hawaii desk calendars have been chosen at random and the winners have been notified via email.

  61. I’m bringing my daughter to Hawaii for her40th birthday…we will be coming in june.this is my third trip to oahu….we are going on a dolphin excursion,a luau and sunning on Waikiki beach.this will be her first
    Trip to hawaii.

  62. We are a family of 12–three generations–who will be renting a vacation home on the north shore of Hawaii June 30-Jul 6. I read online about past July 4th celebrations on the beach near Turtle Bay that included music, food trucks, and fireworks. We are looking for something similar close to where we are staying (near Kuhuku), especially since July 4th is also my granddaughter’s birthday. I know that Turtle Bay has fireworks, but I haven’t been able to find any references to July 4th celebrations open to the public except in Honolulu or Kailua. Any suggestions?

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