Signs of Hawaii: Poi


Now here’s a sign you’ll probably only see in Hawaii – a sign advertising homemade poi. This photo was provided by Kris who writes Big Island on the Cheap.

Seeing this sign leads me to wonder if you have you tried poi in Hawaii? What did you think of it?

If you’ve not tried poi yet, then don’t be afraid to dab a a spoon of it on your plate. To me, it has a very mild flavor, so don’t worry about tasting strange. I think it tastes much like a potato that’s been ground into a paste. I often see visitors squeamish about trying poi and I cringe when they turn up there nose.

Mahalo to Kris for submitting her photo.

  1. We haven’t been brave enough to try it ourselves, although friends of our have. One of my co-workers, in fact, just had his first taste earlier this week. I won’t repeat his term for it. 🙂

    I always laugh about poi because of a line one of our tour guides explained to us two years ago. He said “there are only 3 groups of people that eat poi: babies, seniors, and tourists.” That line came shortly after he spent a few moments explaining all the nutrients and benefits eating poi has.

    Now, if they ever come out with that Pineapple and Poi ice cream I read about last April… 😉

  2. I can’t believe you forgot the most important advice of all!

    Poi is to be eaten using your fingers–two at a minimum, if it’s the good stuff, go for 3 fingers! 😉

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