Best Hawaii Vacation Budget Activities – What to see and do in Hawaii

A free hike down to Pololu Valley on the Big Island reveals one of Hawaii's black sand beaches.

As you have probably noticed in my recent series of posts on Hawaii’s best budget-friendly things to do, the Aloha State offers a playground of inexpensive, but memorable activities. In fact, most of Hawaii’s highlights are free! With Hawaii’s waterfalls, national parks and hiking trails, there’s no doubt that Hawaii is more than just a pretty beach.

I really enjoyed writing this series. As I wrote each one, I tried to bear in mind that most people usually only have seven days for their vacation in Hawaii. So, it was quite challenging to narrow down the list to something that could be achieved within a week and still hopefully have some relaxation time to spare.

To wrap up the series, I’m listing each budget-friendly blog post into one convenient spot for you.

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  1. Hey I really like this and I would like to take a trip there with me and my mom because we never get out and I was like it would be fun to go there and i want it to be a good one and ya i reallly want to go there…

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