Wrap Up of Blog Writing Project

As some of you know I recently participated in a blog writing project.  The theme was to write anything that included the number three. (In case you missed it, my entry was 3 Ways to Have a Luxurious Hawaii Vacation on the Cheap.)  There were 115 great entries in all.  It’s really quite a thorough and diverse list.  Here are the entries that really caught my eye:

Random Topics

  • 3 Reasons to Persevere by Anne.  This post has some great historical references to motivate you to persevere through trying circumstances. 
  • The Three That I Miss The Most! by Jimbo.  This is a post reminiscing on the childhood toys that the author misses most and it got me to thinking about which three of my toys were most memorable. 
  • Top 3 Ways to Avoid a Crowd at Disney World by Winnetta.  This post give you great pointers reduce your waiting time at the Disney World parks.


    On Blogging Topics

    If you are a blogger or writer, you’ll appreciate these informative articles:

  • Three Things to Do Before You Click Publish (and One Thing to Do After) by Jacqueline. 
  • Three essential steps to great blog posts by Corner Scribe
  • Three Steps to Keeping your RSS Feed Readers by Matthew.
  • 3 Ways To Get Me To Not Visit Your Blog Again by Sean. 
  • and finally, a comical, yet true look at the

    L’Amour De Blog: 3 reasons why blogging is like being in love by Phil 

    1. Thanks voting for my entry! I’m really enjoying your site. My husband and I are hoping to take a trip to Hawaii in a few years, so I’ve subscribed to your RSS feed.

    2. Matthew, Sean, Jimbo, Jo – You are all very welcome. Good luck!

      Jo – Thanks so much for subscribing!

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