How Much Does Gas Cost In Hawaii?

It’s no secret that the price of gas is more expensive in Hawaii as compared to the rest of the US Mainland. One theory of why gas prices are higher in Hawaii is that there are some additional costs of transporting the gas to the islands. Another theory of why gas is more expensive is that the oil companies may be charging more just because they can. It seems like a bit of a mystery.

To find the most recent gas costs in Hawaii, check Today’s lowest rate is $3.09/gallon for regular. That’s about 60 cents per gallon higher as compared to the prices in my neck of the woods, Raleigh, North Carolina. How does it compare to your town?  lists the lowest and highest prices, which can help you save money as you fill up your rental car in Hawaii. That site depends on members reporting prices. At the moment, it appears that most members are on Oahu and Maui.

  1. I live in and blog about the island of Oahu and thought your comment about gas costing so much because it was shipped here.

    The gas should not cost as much as it does because there are refineries right here on the island. We are charged that much for gas because the oil companies can. It is really a bone of contention here on the islands as can be seen in the included site i’ve mentioned here.

  2. Well, Sheila, I’ve been known to be wrong a time or two also and could be here but you can see the refineries as you drive on the Nimitz Highway from the airport to Waikiki. (quite an ugly site to see if you are a first time visitor)

    During the Gas Crises of the 1970’s when everyone was lining up to buy gas on their given day, we here in Hawaii for awhile did not have that problem because the foreign suppliers did not realize we were a part of the US and that we had refineries here on the island. Ah but what a mess when the did find out.

  3. Really the distances vs prices could have some relevance- I dont know how much, but here are some mileage/price comparisons. In this case SOME of the numbers seem to make SOME sense. Though in the case of Kansas City, the oil/gasoline has to be shipped by both ship and then truck for long distances, which HAS to cost WAY more compared to our trucking distances. Conversely, in Hawaii they are not selling as much volume annually compared to areas around major mainland cities like New York, the Bay Area, LA, etc.

    Approximate distance as the crow flies in miles from Dubai to Honolulu is 8555 miles or 13765 Kilometers. Price of gas- @$4.50

    Distance To Dubai From California is 7052 miles / 11349.09 km- price of gas, @$3.84.

    Distance from Cincinnati to Dubai is 7284.7 Miles price of gas, @$3.41

    Distance from Kansas City to Dubai is 7585.9 Miles Gas- @$3.09

  4. of course those distances are as the crow flies, and according to those numbers Kansas city is doing great and California has a lot of reason to complain.

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