Planning on Hiking in Kauai? Meet your new best friends….

I do love Kauai and the many miles of hiking trails.  To really enjoy the trails, you must become familiar with your “best friends”.  Your first “best friend” should be one of these guys — mosquito repellent:

And if you don’t have those available, then you need to get to know this guy real well:

From my experience, any time I stepped into a “wooded” area, I got attacked by mosquitoes if I wasn’t wearing any repellant.  I recall one instance when I was practically swarmed by mosquitoes while trying to walk to Queen’s Bath.  The path to Queen’s Bath is only about a 5 or 10 minute walk that goes through a small forested area.  Unfortunately, I had forgotten to bring any mosquito repellent.  So, I had to turn around and get out of the woods.  I literally ran as quickly as I could to get away from the ‘quitos.  In a matter of only three or four minutes, I got about eight or so bites.

So, my advice to you is do get out and enjoy the wonderful trails on Kauai, but don’t forget to carry mosquito repellant with you.  There are a few brands of individually packaged towelletes that are convenient to carry and keep on hand.  Don’t go into the woods without them.

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  1. Hi. just a qiuck Q; these friends -are they mostly on Kauai or will I find them on the other hiking trails on the other islands?

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