Paddling and Surfing Events and Trends

Molokai World Championship

The 31st Annual Molokai World Championship (May 20th) is a one-person canoe and surfskis race that starts on the west end of Molokai and ends on Queen’s Beach on Oahu.  The entire race is about 32 nautical miles long and traverses some pretty challenging water.  I really applaud the people who enter this race!

Kauai World Challenge

The 5th Annual Kauai Challenge will be held on May 10 – 13.  This canoe and surfski challenge includes both individual and relay races.  For more information, check out their website.

Paddle Surfing – A “New” Trend

Well actually, paddle surfing is an old school style of surfing that is seeing a revival in Hawaii.  It is just as it sounds, stand up surfing on a surf board while holding/using a paddle.  It is for intermediate and advanced surfers.  A couple of places offering lessons are Hawaiian Surfing Adventures and Action Sports Maui.

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