"Grand Tripping"? Has anyone else heard of this term?

So, I’ve just read this press release from Wailea Beach Villas and they use this term “grand tripping”.  They define it as “a new term for traveling with grandparents or multi-generation travel”.  Sounds like in interesting concept with built in babysitters, e.g. the grandparents.

I took a look through this “grand tripping” offer from Wailea Beach Villas and basically it includes availability of toys for the keikis (kids) and a tote bag geared towards the grandparents.  This tote is filled with every thing from ice cream vouchers to cookies to bandages, and more.  Probably the best aspect of the offer is 20% off accommodations this summer.  I checked out the prices and they start from the $880’s per night for the whole family.  The villas do look high end and there is no doubt that the Wailea area is quite a swank neck of the woods on Maui.  I took a quick look at www.vrbo.com and found a number of condos that sleep up to 6 people that were considerably less, though not as high end.


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