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New Volcano Video and Photos from Fox News

 Kilauea never ceases to fascinate.  Here’s a link to today’s Fox News coverage of Hawaii’s volcano activity.  Be sure and watch their video.  Also, check out their photos  here.    Technorati tags: Hawaii, Big Island, Kilauea, Volcano, Video, Photos Read More »

Dramatic New Lava Video from the Big Island

Reports of dramatic a new lava flow into the ocean are popping up across news sites.   According to the Hawaii Volcano Observatory, on May 16th, a new ocean lava entry developed.  This new entry point is called Poupou Though new lava flow into the ocean has produced some fascinating video, it is difficult to view without a long and fairly difficult hike.  The Hawaii ... Read More »

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park requests no offerings to Pele

Volcanoes National Park authorities have asked that visitors stop bringing offerings to Pele. Offerings can range from flowers, leis, fruits and meats.  These offerings attract creepy crawlies that are threatening an endangered bird.  Officials say that the offerings are actually disrespectful.  Plus, its basically littering and makes an eyesore for people wanting to just enjoy the park and its views.  Source ... Read More »

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