Aloha Friday Photo: Lava flowing into the Ocean


Mahalo to Shane Turnpin for sharing this incredible lava photo for Aloha Friday Photos.

Shane runs lava boat tours on Hawaii, the Big Island, to see the flows when they’re active….and the flow is amazingly active right now! You can seem more photos from their Facebook page.

Happy Aloha Friday!

  1. Hi Sheila
    What is the best tour to see the lava flow activity at dusk? I will only have one free day while in Big Island in February and really want to see the best of. I will be staying over on the Kona side however.
    Will I see more by helicopter, boat ,or foot ?

    1. It’s hard to say one tour mode is better than the other because they all offer a different perspective. You’ll likely see more via helicopter, but those tours don’t typically operate around dusk.

      Also, it’s worth mentioning that the current lava flow could stop today or anytime between now and your trip. That is unpredictable, which further makes recommending a tour a difficult task.

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