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Hawaii vacation deals & news: November 6, 2013

Autumn is one of the cheapest times to visit Hawaii due to lower demand . If you can travel to Hawaii this fall, you’ll be able to snag some great deals that we include in today’s list. * Hawaiian Airlines is offering roundtrip fares to Hawaii as low as $380 including taxes if you book by November 7th and travel ... Read More »

Aloha Friday Photo: Amazing Lava

Mahalo nui loa to Larry of Larry Turner Photography for sharing today’s amazing photo of lava flowing into the Pacific Ocean on Hawaii, the Big Island. Larry tells us that he hiked with Kalapana Cultural Tours to access this nighttime lava view. Larry called this experience “a magnificent sight, never to be forgotten.” It is incredible, isn’t it?! If you’re ... Read More »

Aloha Friday Photo: Oozing pahoehoe lava

Today’s amazing photo was supplied by Jack Boeggeman. Jack took this lava photo during his Christmas vacation to Hawaii. What a great shot! It appears that Jack was able to get very close to the lava flow — probably close enough to feel the radiating heat. Jack’s photo is of pahoehoe lava, which is the smooth, slow-moving lava. Use this link ... Read More »

Kona to Hilo day trip: see waterfalls, volcanoes and lava!

One of the most exciting attractions in Hawaii, the Big Island, is the active volcano Kilauea. The challenge that many first time Hawaii visitors discover is that the volcano activity is on the Hilo side of the island while the beach resorts are situated on the Kona side of the island. The Big Island is big indeed. It’s bigger than ... Read More »

Where to go in Hawaii to see volcanoes?

Quite often, I’m asked for advice on where to see volcanoes in Hawaii. The answer is both simple and tricky. You’ll soon see what I mean. All the Hawaiian Islands were created from volcanic eruptions, though most of  the volcanoes that formed the Hawaiian island are extinct or dormant. From the oldest island, Kauai, to the newest island, Hawaii’s Big ... Read More »

Hawaii Vacation Deals & News: March 7, 2012

*  Anyone up for an island hop? To celebrate Maui’s OGG airport becoming a second Hawaii hub for Hawaiian Airlines, the company is putting inter-island flights to/from Maui on sale starting at $69 one-way. Round-trip purchase is not required to get this low fare. You must purchase the tickets by March 12 for travel between March 13 and June 30, ... Read More »

February 2012 Big Island Volcano Update

Something hot always seems to be going on with the active volcano, Kilauea, on Hawaii’s Big Island. Here’s the latest news on where you can see lava activity. 1.  Halemaumau Crater in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park continues to vent  from the lava lake below the crater’s surface. Dusk, night and dawn are the best times to check in on the ... Read More »

Big Island Lava Viewing Update By Land, Air & Sea

*** Early 2012 UPDATE: The December 2011 lava ocean entry is no longer active. *** The ever changing lava activity on Hawaii’s Big Island creates news options for lava viewing. As reported last week, lava is flowing down the pali (hill) to the ocean. I want to provide an update of the various ways you can view this exciting lava ... Read More »

Lava Is Entering the Ocean in the Kalapana Area Once Again!

Per YouTuber VolcanoDiscoveryHI , lava began entering the ocean on Friday, December 9 at 6:15pm and he was there to capture it with this video. (Email subscribers: click here to access the video. ) With lava flowing down the pali (hill) in rivers and lava entering the ocean, it’s an exciting time to be on Hawaii’s Big Island! If you’re ... Read More »

Hot Hawaii Lava News

Once again lava is rapidly flowing down the pali (hill) towards the Kalapana area on Hawaii’s Big Island. Lava hasn’t reached the ocean yet, but it appears to be well on its way! I have seen lava flowing down the pali at night in 2008 and it is an incredible sight. It’s like something you might see out of a ... Read More »

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