Honolulu Police Department warns beachgoers to secure valuables

Here’s a very practical idea to keep your valuables safe at the beach!

The Honolulu Police Department (HPD) published an instagram post advising beachgoers not to leave valuables unattended on the beach. This advice, of course, is to avoid theft. Instead of leaving valuables unattended, HPD recommends putting valuables in a waterproof bag that you can take into the water with you.

This instagram post has drawn some attention and it’s even been mentioned in the local news. In that local news segment, the journalist uses a ziplock bag as an example, but there are better options. We really like the waterproof bags with a waist belt. They can be used when swimming and snorkeling. They’re roomy enough to hold a smartphone, credit cards, money, room keys and car keys. Here’s an example of a waterproof pouch with great reviews from Amazon. It’s reasonably priced, too at under $20 for a two pouches.

While the Honolulu Police Department posted this important advice to secure your valuables at the beach, this recommendation should not be limited to just Honolulu. It should be applied at any beach in Hawaii and beyond.

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  1. There are only a handful of beach thieves not hundreds. Police should set up sting operations, arrest thieves and prosecute them to the fullest extent. The message will get across to them, that it’s not cool to steal from tourists. Tourists put food on Hawaiian tables and roofs over their heads with the money they spend in Hawaii. If crime against tourists continues to grow, tourists will go somewhere else. They have options!

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