Are you visiting Hawaii in 2024?

Aloha! We hope that your 2024 is off to a happy and healthy start!

At the start of each new year, we’ve had a long-running tradition of asking our readers if they have plans to visit Hawaii. We always get excited to read about your plans.

Many readers visit Hawaii to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, honeymoons, graduations and retirements. These are all wonderful reasons to travel to Hawaii. At, it has always been our goal to provide our readers with the same advice that we’d give to our closest friends and family members. We want your visit to Hawaii to be the very best experience — especially knowing that many people visit Hawaii for a once-in-a-lifetime celebration.

Readers who share a comment will be entered for a chance to win a lovely, 2024 desk calendar illustrated by Lana’i artist Mike Carroll.

Here’s how to enter for a chance to win a calendar:

1. Scroll to the bottom of this post and past other comments to the comment section that looks like the following example screenshot:

(To enter to win the calendar, be sure that you’re commenting directly on this post and not via email or Facebook. I need to have all the entries in one spot.)

2. Enter your comment in the comment field. If you don’t have specific plans to visit Hawaii, you are still welcome to enter to win.

3. Enter your name (first names only are fine) in the name field. Please use a real name, because that’s how I’ll be contacting you, if you are chosen as the winner.

4. Enter your email address in the email field. (Note that your email will not display on the approved comment. It will only be visible to me and used only to contact the winner.)

5. The Website box is optional if you have your own website that you’d like to enter.

6. Click the “Post Comment” button.(Note that if you are a first-time commenter, allow us up to 12 hours to receive and approve your comment for display. All first-time comments go into moderation at first.)

We will accept entries through January 5, 2024.

The winner will be selected at random on January 6, 2024. The winner will be notified by email.

We look forward to hearing your plans!

  1. Unfortunately no plans to visit this year, but I do love Hawaii!! A desk calendar would be great to remind me of my past visits!

  2. Yes 🙌 my husband and I will be visiting Maui and Oahu in January. This is our first time back since our honeymoon 31 years ago!! We are beyond excited 😊

  3. I plan to visit Oahu during February 7-21, 2024.
    Thanks for posting beautiful photos of Hawaii.

  4. Hoping to book a 4 island hopper tour, it will be the trip of a lifetime! Trying to make it happen this year! Let’s go 2024!

  5. Yes! Kauai in April. Splitting time between North and South shores! Can’t wait!

  6. I would like to visit this year but if not, next year for sure for my 30 yr. Wedding anniversary.

  7. Yes, my husband and I will be visiting Oahu this coming March, alongwith 4 friends. For 16 glorious days. Can’t wait!!

  8. I won the desk calendar last year, so I’m sure I’m not eligible. But I wanted to say mahalo for the contest
    By the way, the desk calendar was beautiful. Lanai is a special place for us and it held so much meaning. I was just looking at it today, thinking I need to order one for this year. I wish warmest aloha to whoever wins the contest.

  9. Yes! Heading back to Lana’i in February to get out of the cold in the northeast. I’m really hoping for lots of sunshine and little rain.

  10. Aloha…Unfortunately won’t be visiting this year, hopefully in a year or two, planning and saving up, to take my 3 grandchildren. Love them to experience your beautiful island.and beaches ,Just like have. Can’t wait to get back.

  11. Aloha and Happy New Year! My husband and I plan to visit Maui in December 2024! We are staying at the Wailea Beach Resort and Spa! While there we will celebrate our anniversary (December 22), Christmas (December 25) and my husband’s birthday (December 27). Maui is our Happy Place and this will be our sixth time visiting the island, we are super excited!

  12. Aloha… Yes my husband and I will be heading to Marriott Maui Ocean Club in early January to celebrate my birthday! We plan to go whale watching on the Gemini sailing charter as we have done many times! Love, love, Maui!!!💕

  13. Yes! We were fortunate to pay a short visit to Lāhainā shortly before last summer’s fire. We have one to love Kauai but are going back to Maui this summer for a more extended visit.

  14. I’ll be taking a few Young Marines (kids 8-18) to Pearl Harbor Day in Dec. we March in the parade, do community clean up, lay a wreath at the punch bowl and then some sight seeing.

  15. Aloha, we will be visiting Oahu and Kuai in March. We are bringing friends that going to Hawaii has been on her bucket list for many years. She is exited to go and we are excited to be able to be part of it.

  16. We will definitely be visiting at least once this year. We have visited at least once every year for the last 11 years and don’t have any plans to stop. It is our home away from home.

  17. Aloha and Happy New Year,
    We’re returning the West side of Maui in March as we’ve been doing for the past four years. And we’ll be supporting the locals with respect and our spending.

  18. Aloha, my husband and I are returning to the Big Island in April. This is our 4th visit there. We cannot wait to return .

  19. I would love to go back to Hawaii this year unfortunately it’s not in the budget as we have two out of state family weddings. Please keep posting the videos as it keeps me updated on whats going on. Aloha!!

  20. I’m retiring the end of April and our New Year’s resolution was to start booking our travel bucket list. Return trip to Maui is late 2024! This will be our fifth trip and four of our stays have been at the Hale Kamaole.

  21. My daughter and I were there almost a whole year ago now, late January 2023. Unfortunately there are no plans to go back in 2024, but we love it there (only Oahu so far) so it’s always in the cards if the time and money can line up right!

  22. We visited 3 islands in Oct 2023 for our 42nd wedding anniversary, Maui, Kauai and Oahu. This Jan our daughter and son in law are going for their 10th wedding anniversary. Our entire family loves Hawaii. Our daughter and son in law got married 10 years ago on Oahu. I’ve been there 6 times, my husband 5. We consider ourselves “Honorary Hawaiians.” Aloha, Nancy

  23. We wouldn’t miss our annual trip to Maui to photography our beloved Humpback Whales. We have been doing this for over 40 years now. We plan on taking our “Maui Ohana” out to special dinners while on island. This year we’ve added a few extra days on Oahu. A hui hou in a month!

  24. We vacationed on the Big Island in June 2023 and had planned on going to Maui in June 2024 but we are delaying our trip one year to June 2025. We cannot wait to visit Maui in 2025! Hawaii is our favorite place on Earth!

  25. We will land in February.
    Can’t wait to explore and enjoy the warmth🌺🌸🍹

  26. We celebrated our 50th anniversary on Maui in July, 2023, with all of our kids and grandkids. We left only a month before the devastating fires in Lahaina and are still so sad. We’ll be visiting Oahu and Kauai with my sister, her husband and son at the end of April into early May. Your newsletters are helpful in our planning.

  27. We are looking forward to our first visit this February Going to Maui and Kauai Islands.

  28. Mahalo for sharing your comments about your Hawaii travel plans for this year.

    We numbered all the comments/entries and used a random number generator to select the winner of the desk calendar. Congratulations to Diane for winning this year’s contest.

  29. Although I visited Waikiki in 1961 and Kauai in 1971, it was not until 1976 that I first visited Maui. Since then I have returned every single year. When I land and breathe in that warm fragrant air, all my worries drift away, No matter how busy I am, I never bring work to Maui. In fact, I turned down a work assignment that would have paid for my flights and all expenses for one week a month for 9 months, because I didn’t want to “taint” Maui with job responsibilities. Although there has been much change between 1976 and 2024 [costs, crowds, traffic, etc.], Maui will always hold a special place in my heart.

  30. I am travelling to Oahu in November of 2024 for my 14th trip to Hawaii! I am taking my Ohana (parents), aged 81 and 82 for their very first trip to Hawaii. I can’t wait to introduce them to all of the things that we have discovered and love about all things Hawaii. Thank you for this opportunity – Mahalo

  31. In November of 2024 myself and my wife will be taking my in-laws to Hawaii for their first visit. We have been to Hawaii many, many times and have visited all of the islands. We love something different about each island so many times we split our visits between multiple islands. We cannot wait to share our love for Hawaii with them!

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    one for each person, and family.

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