Announcing the release of our 2023 Waikiki Christmas Guide

Whether you’re planning a Waikiki Christmas vacation or you’re dreaming of one, you’ll discover all the best things to see and do in our newly released 2023 Waikiki Christmas Vacation Guide.

December and Christmas is an amazing time to be visiting Waikiki. The beauty, colors and warmth of the Hawaiian Islands is ongoing throughout the year, but in December, the addition of lights and unique Hawaii-style decorations just makes everything even better. It’s a tropical “winter” wonderland.

The 2023 Waikiki Christmas guide includes the following sections:

  • Special events – like the Honolulu City Lights, seeing Santa and catching live music and entertainment
  • Festive dining including
    • Christmas Eve and/or Christmas Day breakfasts and brunches
    • impressive buffets
    • decadent multi-course Christmas dinners
    • luau options
    • pop-up Christmas bars for a mocktail or cocktail cup of cheer
  • Christmas Eve and Christmas Day church services

We anticipate we’ll be making some more additions to the guide between now and Christmas. When we do, we’ll make a note of the date that we added that item in a light gray font, which should make it easier to find new entries.

Mele Kalikimaka!

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