Hawaii travel news: Waipio Valley off limits + Hawaii counties are dropping COVID emergency rules

View of Waipio Valley from the lookout point

– Waipio Valley Road is closed to visitors indefinitely. Access to this extremely steep, curvy and dangerous road will be limited to valley residents, farmers, property owners and lease holders with agricultural businesses. The road is in need of work to mitigate rockfalls and to address slope instability and erosion. While access to the valley will be closed to visitors, access to the spectacular valley lookout point remains open. We have updated our Waipio Valley article accordingly.

– This week, all Hawaii counties are rescinding, repealing and/or expiring all of their county-specific, COVID emergency rules. Here are some highlights from these changes:

– While the CDC has issued new, relaxed guidelines on indoor masking, Governor Ige says Hawaii will keep the indoor mask mandate for now. The current statewide emergency order that includes the indoor mask mandate is set to expire March 25, 2022. We expect to hear more about indoor masking in the coming days, weeks.

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