Kauai gets OK to open “resort bubbles.” Would you go?

Last month, we shared the concept of “resort bubbles” which are also known as “geo-fenced” vacations. It had been a while since we’ve heard about “resort bubbles” so we thought that perhaps the idea had been tossed away. That was until yesterday, when the the news came out that Kauai’s plans to actually open resort bubbles was approved by the governor. Per the Star-Advertiser:

“Kauai Mayor Derek S. K. Kawakami announced today that Gov. David Ige has signed Kauai’s Emergency Rule 16, which would permit visitors at participating resorts to leave their hotel rooms to utilize the resort’s property, including pools and on-site restaurants during their mandatory quarantine period. But there’s a catch, they’ve got to agree to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet, which will be tracked by participating resorts.”

It’s not clear if beach access would be allowed or not. We would tend to guess that beach access would not be allowed as beaches are not considered private, hotel property in Hawaii.

The Star-Advertiser news article goes on to say,

“The order requires that participating resorts must establish security and enforcement policies to protect the safety of guests and employees. Participating resorts are responsible for security and enforcement of the program, and must continue to follow all other emergency rules, such as mask-wearing and physical distancing.

Hotel security will notify the Kauai Police Department if guests tamper with the monitoring unit or leave the resort bubble. Violators of these emergency orders, if convicted, could face a fine of up to $5,000 or serve up to a year in jail, or both.”

 This newly approved emergency rule calls this resort bubble concept, “Enhanced Movement Quarantine.” Basically, it allows guests who must quarantine to have access to the resort amenities whereas the current quarantine order requires guests to be fully confined to their individual hotel room for 14 days.

Though the concept was approved, Kauai hasn’t set a date for starting it. Per the Star-Advertiser, several hotels have expressed an interest in participating.

We suppose if you absolutely had to go to Hawaii and first quarantine, the Enhanced Movement Quarantine is more desirable than being confined to a single hotel room for 14 days. If, however, this notion is being thought as a way to semi-open tourism and restart that part of the island’s economy, we’re not sure there’s much, if any, demand for it.

Maybe we’re missing something, but we just don’t see the appeal. What about you? Would you travel to Hawaii for a resort bubble vacation?

  1. No, I would not go because I don’t “absolutely have to go to Hawaii” and be locked into a resort like a prisoner. I can’t believe how arrogant the state of Hawaii is.

  2. No chance! Rules change so fast so we will wait until things are nearly normal. At this time we cannot get any travel medical and do not want to chance spreading the Coronavirus. Will never visit untill restrictions are off.

  3. I would consider it if I was able to go to the beach…however, not too likely with a ankle bracelet.

  4. I would only go if I had business to conduct on the island that would keep me there for more than 14 days. I do think it’s a good option for some people (given that everyone’s needs, wants, desires, are different). But for most of us, it’s kind of a wasted flight.

  5. No way. It’s too big an investment to be trapped on one resort, regardless of the nice amenities. And it seems to put the staff at risk, no matter the steps taken. And what do you do on the beaches? Give the hotel a slice of sand and then put up the barbed wire to keep them from wandering too far? You’d be better off to bring back the leper colonies on Molokai.

  6. It would be a waste of money to get married there on Maui… nothing else would be open and we could not go to the beach, plus I wouldn’t want an ankle bracelet ( like a criminal) in my wedding photos.
    And for that kind of resort fees to stay as they would not be discounted.. just not worth the money.

  7. No. My reasons are the same as I wrote on Aug 18th and Aug. 21st in the Go Visit Hawaii post:
    “Would you take a Geofence Vacation to Hawaii” dated Aug. 17th .

  8. To spent that much money no way in heck will ever visit. We have reservations for December on Maui hoping people come to there senses but not looking good. Maybe some other time lol 😝

  9. absolutely not. I would not travel that far and only be able to stay at a resort and have to wear an ankle monitor. No way.

  10. Spend all that money and time to get to Hawaii and not be allowed to go to the beach? No thanks.

  11. NO, NO, NO,
    in addition I have a timeshare so no restaurants and a small pool not big enough for all the residents.

  12. No way! What happened to the Pre travel COVID test concept! I have that available to me in my area! Have res for 3 weeks In October at the Marriott have planned this for over a year! We have very low numbers in my area!

  13. Hawaii and its politicians become more ridiculous by the minute. Soon no one will ever come back to the state and the economy will implode….well deserved Gov. Ige et.al!

  14. Will the employees be required to stay in the bubble? If not, it seems to me the bubble could burst very easily.

  15. Absolutely not!!! We will save our money and visit when all restrictions are lifted. If that means waiting until there’s a vaccine, so be it. I feel bad for Hawaii residents who are dependent upon tourism and suffering due to the shutdown. But their governor is so determined to keep visitors out—even though it’s now obvious that we aren’t the cause of the virus spreading there—I can’t see things getting better until he changes his thinking. Until then, I’ll vacation elsewhere.

  16. No way! If the Hawaii govt could starts the pre-Covid testing they have been talking about for the last 3 months and we are negative then no need to quarantine 14 days. Mexico and some islands in Carribean offer pre-Covid testing and Extraordinary Safety Standards like Vidanta Resorts providing a much better vacation experience for the money. If Hawaii can’t get their act together we will go there!

    FYI Hawaiians in Vegas…how would they like an electronic bracelet?

    1. No way! The governor must have bumped his head.I guess he is supporting all those out of work.My family loves Hawaii but the restrictions got to go!

  17. No way would I go and be locked up like a criminal people go to Hawaii for the beaches and sights not to be locked up the other 49 states don’t do it the governor should be locked up for being a dictator also Covid has a 98% recovery rate and if you wear a mask it’s hard to pass on . Randy

  18. As a time share owner at Marriott I can vacation else where.
    No Resort Bubble for me….go to a beach resort and can’t go in the ocean?..I’ll wait…..but the Hawaii’s economy won’t….time to raise cattle, plant pineapple and sugar cane again..

  19. The whole idea about going to Hawaii is to be able to explore each of the islands that have their own personalities and that always includes going to the beach. Can’t quite do that when you have a monitoring device on. I don’t think it has anything to do with the state being arrogant but a way for them to get the tourism trade up and running again while keeping the island inhabitants safe. It does not seem like a feasible compromise unless you are that kind of person who takes vacations and never leaves the resort. I know I will be waiting until a vaccine is available. In the mean time everyone just take a deep breathe and be kind.

  20. Why spend thousands of dollars to go sit in a bubble with a tracking device attached? Sounds more like a prison than a vacation! No incentive to go that I see here. Count me out!

  21. No way, We have timeshares on Hawaii but I will wait until the governor gets his head out of the sand and start caring for his working people. Who in their right mind would take the bubble deal.

    San Diego

  22. No, we stay at the Waipouli Beach Resort and need to go food shopping as we cook most of our meals. This year we cancelled Kauai and went to Florida which is open and we all came back healthy. If this quarantine lasts much longer it will be Florida again.

  23. NO!
    Travel that far, spend that much money to stay in hotel? Someone is thinking outside of their mind.

    How long is the governor going to wait before he completely economically kills the islands? Consequences of his actions near and long term for the lives and welfare of the states population are going to be worst than the pandemic itself could ever impose.

    Is he just waiting for November 4?

  24. Nope ….I used to go to Kauai yearly for the past 8 years….Cancun will receive my tourist dollars in Feb due to my cancelled Kauai vacation and perhaps if I enjoy it Cancun Mexico will receive my tourist dollars yearly going forward. I don’t feel the Aloha spirt in Hawaii anymore which is to bad and very sad.

  25. My answer is still no. There is so much beauty in Hawaii to be trapped at a resort. We like to explore and see new things and old things. We hardly ever stay in the Hotel, always out and about seeing all Hawaii has to offer. We’ll also wait. I do hope that there is a “normal” soon and this is not it.

  26. This idea does nothing for timeshare owners, with little to no onsite restaurants. I’ll wait until things open up a bit better – the testing option sounds better to us…

  27. Hahaha, funny. No way. Absolutely not. Less safe for me as a tourist to be locked up with a bunch of other tourists not wearing masks. Let’s face it. If they travelled to Hawaii and were basically quarantined and spent all that money do you think they’ll be wearing masks?
    I’ll pre-test, I’ll wear a mask when I can’t social distance.
    Ankle bracelet like a criminal and locked up with a bunch of strangers? Better pay me and pay me well.
    I’ll pass on this offer, thanks.

  28. No! Absolutely not! Why would anyone want to go to Hawaii, and have to quarantine just at the resort? When I come to Hawaii, I will be on the beach, snorkeling, traveling around the island and taking in the beauty and nature, taking photos, shopping etc. etc.

  29. I would prefer to spend two weeks following republican rallies every day. At least I wouldn’t have to be locked up with a bracelet and threatened with fines and jail.

  30. Hmmmm
    As much as I would LOVE to visit again Hawaii pretty soon, I don’t wish to stay “confined” inside a resort… should it be the most exceptional in the whole world 🙁
    We will be patiently waiting for Covid testing 72 hours prior flight departure, as Hawaii Governor promised to implement yesterday !!
    We’ll get there … 😉 eventually

  31. Commented above. Just for your info WestJet sent us an email cancelling our November flight. We booked before Coronavirus hit and now we can not cancel our AIRBNB. Will not book again.

  32. Why waste your time and money to be a prisoner at a hotel? I will wait until your state is bankrupt to visit.

  33. We’ve visited Kauai 1-2 times a year since 2007. Reading the other comments I can see that we are definitely in the minority here, but under the current proposed Resort Bubble option (quarantining and being able to leave the resort after 3 days and a negative test) we would absolutely do it. Considering the limited health care options on island, it is a serious concern for kama’aina. We love their islands and appreciate them sharing them with us. The least we can do is our best to keep them safe and healthy. Mahalo for your efforts!

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