Governor Ige indicates probable delay in October 1 tourism opening

UPDATE: in a press conference on September 16, 2020, the governor announced that the pre-travel testing program will begin October 15, 2020.

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser hosted a Facebook Live discussion with Governor Ige on September 14th. Of course, the governor was asked if the October 1st start date for the pre-travel testing program was still the goal. He said that it’s probably not going to be October 1st. He said that in the next few days he’ll be providing a better plan for the scheduling of what the reopening dates will look like. Until the pre-travel testing program is implemented, visitors will have to quarantine for 14 days.

The number of cases in Hawaii has been on a downward trend recently. Hospitalizations have also lessened. You can check Hawaii’s dashboard here.

Hawaii’s lieutenant governor, Josh Green, tested positive for COVID-19 on Friday. He’s currently in self-isolation in his apartment. Other than fatigue, he’s feeling okay. Hawaii News Now has in interview with him about his illness.

  1. This is crazy, people are visiting all over. I have been trying to get to Hawaii since March, this freaking virus isn’t even that deadly. There’s a 98% survival rate. Highly disappointed in how things are being handled, im taking my ticket and going somewhere else…😡

  2. I’m not really sure what your governor Ige has done for your state, but it’s certain that he is destined to decimate your state’s economy, and he certainly is not a man with leadership and planning skills. Yes, Hawaii is nice, but if he continues to screw with potential visitors’ plans and yank people’s chain as if he doesn’t really care about those people who made Hawaii what it is – state supported and sustained by visitors who spend their hard earned money, people will go elsewhere. Mexico is not that far from California, and the beaches in Cabo San Lucas and Cozumel are just as nice!

    1. This is hurting Hawaii and Hawaiian citizens. Please open up travel from the mainland with strict covid safety protocols i.e. Masks and size of gatherings.
      Otherwise tourists WILL go somewhere else. And maybe find deals and experiences that they like better. Then it could be aloha Hawaii, hello other resorts.

      1. I definitely will be going somewhere else from now on. My roots are in Hawaii and I’ve moved back to the mainland, but I’m afraid I will not take any pre-screening tests. This whole thing is a hoax and I’m not going to be a sheep and follow your directions. I guess you won’t be seeing my money in Hawaii ever again

        1. Tell the children, friends and families of the two hundred thousand people who died in America, and the many more world wide that it’s a hoax! You’re blind and deaf to the truth. Aloha

  3. I have had my trip booked since last November, I have tested for covid every month prior to my scheduled flight only to be delayed… all test have been negative so far… I dont think the Governor wants Hawaii to be a tourist location any more… all the have to do is what other states are doing and open to visitors from states that are in New Yorks okay list

  4. We had booked our Hawaii trip in May of 2020 for travel in October of 2020. Our trip has been paid for.
    We have been hearing each month the opening of Hawaii has been postponed, and the 14 day quarantine remains in place. This has caused us so much stress, to plan a dream vacation.

  5. Tell the children, friends and families of the two hundred thousand people who died in America, and the many more world wide that it’s a hoax! You’re blind and deaf to the truth. Aloha

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