Aloha Friday Photo: “A lovely view of Waikiki paradise!”

Mahalo to Darrin Laing for sharing this great pic with us for Aloha Friday Photos. Darrin’s caption is, “A lovely view of Waikiki paradise!” Lovely, indeed!

Note that Darrin’s photo was taken months before COVID-19 struck Hawaii. Waikiki looks different now with the 14-day quarantine and the stay at home orders. The Star-Advertiser created a video showing scenes of an empty Waikiki.

The current emptiness is almost unfathomable, but Waikiki will eventually be lively again. Happier times will come.

Stay safe and have a happy Aloha Friday!

  1. We were scheduled to visit Hawaii starting May 15, for two weeks. With the mandatory quarantine order that means we would have to stay in our condo at the Imperial for our entire stay! Needless to say we decided to cancel our visit until the virus is no longer a danger to all.

  2. The island still looks beautiful. Guess Mother Nature decides to let the island residents a brief time to enjoy THEIR islands and beaches for themselves without tripping over all us visitors. This is how Hawaii started out before all the megahotels and resorts came to town. I still miss the idea of being able to pack up and go but being retired, I may not get back. Keep up all the wonderful posts Sheila. Aloha!

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