Aloha Friday Photo: Palm tree magic


Mahalo to Damian James for supplying his gorgeous photo with us for our Aloha Friday Photo series. Damian took this photo on Molokai. From the looks of it, I believe he took this photo at Ali’i Park just east of Kaunakakai town. Isn’t it stunning?

As Damian shared this photo he simply said, “Molokai…you don’t know until you go!” Though only a brief statement, I think I know what Damian means. I remember my first time visiting Hawaii in Maui and looking out across the Paniolo Channel to the island of Molokai. There seemed to be so much mystery permeating from Molokai. Finally by our third visit to Maui, we decided to take a day trip on the Molokai Ferry. We knew we were only scratching the surface of such a pristine island with just a day trip. Last year, we finally took a proper Molokai trip for four days which developed a much greater appreciation for the island and all the discovery and adventure on Molokai.

Happy Aloha Friday!

  1. I have been holidaying on Molokai for 30 plus years.The people are very friendly and I always have a good time attending all the social events. The music is great and most of it is free.
    The locale people have done a excellent job in limiting development to protect this place from becoming what the other island have become.
    Keep up the good work and preserve this island for future generations.

    Steve is a Canadian citizen from the province of Alberta.

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