Aloha Friday Photos: H3

Mahalo to Jessica Cooper for sharing this neat shot with us for Aloha Friday Photos. Jessica snapped this shot while on a family vacation to Oahu in June 2018. She added that some of her fondest memories were made here.

This shot was taken on the “interstate” highway named the H3. The scenery surrounding this highway is truly amazing. It leads around and through the undulating, green Koolau Mountains.

The H3 is one of only three “interstate” highways on Oahu and all of Hawaii. It’s 15 miles in length and connects Pearl Harbor to Kaneohe.

Happy Aloha Friday!

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  1. THE BEST VIEW ON EARTH…This is where I fell in Love with Hawaii…You feel so small, it humbles you and Natures takes over.
    Can’t wait to go back :-))

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