Take me there Tuesday: Keanae Peninsula, Maui


If you like to be surrounded by beauty, then the Keanae Peninsula is the place to be. Everywhere you look, whether along the coastline or up towards the mountains, it’s just beautiful.

This rugged landscape is dotted with lava rock formations that almost look like statues emerging from the ocean’s edge.

The Keanae Peninsula is one of the diversions off Maui’s famous road to Hana. It’s not too deep into the drive, so if you only take our mini-version of the road to Hana, a stop at Keanae Peninsula is included.

For more details about visiting this wonderful spot, see our Keanae Peninsula article.

Have you been to Keanae Peninsula? What do you think about this place?

  1. Keanae Peninsula was absolutely beautiful! We spent the longest here on the way to Hana. Aunt Sandy’s banana bread was warm as the people we encounter. What great fun we had exploring the tide pools.

  2. Would love advice for first timer. I am a youthfully mature 50something female.

    Im not a big fan of traveling to unknown places alone but i am outgoing and cautious. i really want to go to Hawaii. I have no idea if i should go to hon/waik/oahu for the entire stay? Coming from boston losing 6 hours upon arrival i must factor jet lag into my trip. What is the shortest stay given fly time and jetlag recoup.

    I want SAFETY first and foremost, cleanliness in accomodations and relaxation. A lil exploration mear wherever i stay.

    Please advise if you have the time. Ive been reading your articles they are fab. Dollar rental out avis it is!

    Thank you in advance
    Cathleen boston

    1. We also travel from the eastern side of the US. The shortest trip to Hawaii that we’ve taken that still felt “doable” was five nights. For a first timer, I would add at least one or two or more nights.

      Despite what you see on Hawaii Five-0, Hawaii is a pretty safe place. In all our visits to Hawaii, we’ve never really felt unsafe…we may have just been more aware of our surroundings a time or two, but that’s it. There was one time when my husband was attending a conference in Maui, so I took the rental car and explored on my own with no problems or concerns at all.

      I’m not sure if a cruise appeals at all, but that would be a good and safe way to see all the islands in a week plus a day or two of travel. Norwegian does a roundtrip from Honolulu.

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