Aloha Friday Photo: Glorious Haleakala sunset

Haleakala sunset by Jack Boeggeman

Mahalo to Jack Boeggeman from our awesome facebook community for sharing today’s beautiful photo. Jack took this photo during his two-week, 2012 Christmas vacation on Maui and Hawaii, the Big Island. (Lucky Jack!)

Jack took this photo at sunset from the top of Maui’s Haleakala. Most folks tend to go to Haleakala at sunrise, but as Jack says, “Haleakala sunsets can rival sunrises.” (If you are having trouble deciding whether you want to see Haleakala sunrise or sunset as part of your Maui vacation activities, see our post: Haleakala sunrise versus sunset.)

The sky was really showing off for Jack, wasn’t it? I love the bright orange and yellow colors with just a hint of blue sky breaking through the canopy of clouds. <Insert dreamy sigh here.>

Mahalo again to Jack Boeggeman and Happy Aloha Friday!

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