Happy Thanksgiving!


As we celebrate Thanksgiving in America this week, it gives us the perfect opportunity to express our gratitude to the loyal readers and friends of Go Visit Hawaii! Together, we have explored the Hawaiian Islands while making the most of our time, learning the culture and saving money.

If you are visiting (or dreaming about visiting) Waikiki for Thanksgiving, check out our Waikiki Thanksgiving guide for dining suggestions and special things to do over the holiday weekend

P.S. If you are awaiting our Hawaii Christmas and New Year’s Eve guides, we’re still working on them, but have made significant progress. Those guides are at least worth taking a peek at if you’re in the planning phase.

Christmas in Hawaii

Waikiki/Honolulu Christmas

Maui Christmas

New Year’s Eve in Hawaii

Waikiki/Honolulu New Year’s Eve

Maui New Year’s Eve

Kauai New Year’s Eve

Big Island New Year’s Eve

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